Cycling Glasses

Cycling glasses: How to choose the perfect pair?

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Cycling Glasses

Glasses are not only a fashion accessory to add to your looks when you’re on a bike. While they can do that job perfectly, they are also able to protect your eyes during intense sports. Whether it’s about protecting your eyes from the sun or keeping away road grit, the only solution to eye safety during sports are sports glasses.

From athletes to commuters, cycling glasses are worth your money. They have several features to make your commute comfortable and safe. The frames are lightweight and the lenses are loaded with all the right filters to keep out UV light and glare.

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Mirrored Sunglasses


Mirrored sunglasses have a thin metallic layer on the outside of the lenses that reflects glare away from the sunglasses rather than letting it in, reducing the amount of light entering the eyes. This makes them like one-way mirrors when observed from the outer side of the sunglasses. The lenses may look opaque due to the reflective coating, but they do let enough light through to help you see clearly with minimal eyestrain.

They are a great option for outdoor activities in very bright conditions where glare is a concern — for example, snow sports on a sunny day — as they can protect your vision by bouncing light rays off the lenses and away from your eyes.

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